League of Legends
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League of Legends is a third person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA) video game that was created in 2009. The player is known as a Summoner and controls a specific champion(character) with specific abilities with the goal of defeating other players in a 5v5 format by destroying the heart of the opposing team's base, also known as the Nexus. As with the other games, I choose to play this game with my friends but am more open to playing by myself in this game as opposed to Minecraft due to playing with other players in real time. The champions I use the most are Ekko, Nami, and Twisted Fate.

Ekko is shown as an African American teen inventor that can manipulate time with the use of something called a Zero Drive, which can reverse time by a few seconds to create the perfect moment.
Nami is a humanoid mermaid that uses a staff that can manipulate the tides to help restore health for her teammates or harm the enemies.
Twisted Fate is a gambler that uses a magical set of card to damage his enemies as well as being able to teleport when cornered with unknown abilities